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Contract Payment Information

 We guarantee the puppy to be a purebred with both parents AKC (unless

otherwise stated).
 All vaccinations and de-worming will be completed as stated on the

vaccination schedule.
 All puppies will come with a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
The new owner must have the puppy examined by a license veterinarian of
their choice within 48 hours of ownership of the puppy. Otherwise any
guarantees from Bayside Bulldogs is null and void.
 At the exam if puppy is found to have a life-threatening illness where the
puppy will not live pass the age of 6 months old, the puppy is to be returned
to the breeder within 24 hours along with all papers that were given to buyer
at time of sale. A signed document from their licensed veterinarian stating
the life-threatening condition along with all medical records must be given to
the breeder.
 If the buyer decides to keep puppy he or she is responsible for all medical
expenses for continued care of the puppy.
 If the buyer decides to return puppy, a replacement puppy of equal value will
be given provided that the breeder is notified within the 24 hours of taking
puppy into their possession. A replacement is subject to availability. No
monies will be refunded under any circumstances.  
 Bayside Bulldogs will not be held responsible for any expenses occurred by
the buyer whatsoever.
 If puppy should die while in the buyer’s care during the 48 hours immediately
after sale and before the appointment with the buyer’s veterinarian an
autopsy must be done at buyer’s expense.
 This guarantee does not cover what is considered normal for the breed (ie.,
cherry eye, entropian, loose hips, hip dysplasia, skin allergies, demodex, soft
palate, stenotic nares, (collapsed nostrils,) inverted tail, fertility issues,
parasitic, fungal or bacterial infection, respiratory infection or small trachea,

liver shunt, Coccidia, Giardia or any other intestinal worm parasites that are
common in dogs and puppies.

  1.  Breeder will not be responsible for parvo distemper kennel cough or corona

virus as these are contagious diseases and they can be contacted
immediately after leaving breeder.
 We do not guarantee the projected size or color.
 These puppies are sold as pets only and not for dog shows or for breeding
purposes, unless breeder decides to give selective buyers the right to breed
at a negotiated price.
 This contract is valid only with the original purchaser of a puppy from
Bayside Bulldogs.
 If for some reason the dog needs to be rehomed, please contact Bayside
Bulldogs. We may be able to help in finding a new home for your pet.
A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy. Deposits may be made
via check, cash, or PayPal (there is a $20 fee for using PayPal).
At 8 weeks of age it will be time for you to bring your puppy home (we cannot hold
a puppy longer than 8 weeks of age unless special arrangements have been made
in advance). At that time, the balance of payment due must be made in cash.


We can be reached at 603 624-8303

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