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About Bayside Bulldogs of NH

About Myself
My name is Sheila Wright. I have been breeding English Bulldogs for over 20 years. It all started with my son’s male bulldog. Fascinated with the dog’s character and disposition I began learning about the breed. I found that bulldogs are full of personality – each dog unique unto itself. They act like little clowns and definitely make you laugh at their antics. When you see a bulldog, especially a puppy, it’s impossible not to fall in love. Their loyalty, devotion and genuine love for people captured my heart. The rest is history!

Quality Not Quantity
My goal has always been to breed QUALITY bulldogs. I am a Breeder. I do not own a kennel where dogs are bred indiscriminately and kept in a drafty place in an outside facility that resembles a shed-like building. Typically, only 2-3 litters are produced each year with each litter producing 4-6 puppies. My focus is to keep the quantity of puppies down to a minimum so I can concentrate on the best breeding possible.


Quality starts with the breeding pair. Each dog is AKC Registered. They are selected for breeding based on their health, appearance, and temperament. Females have a maximum of 3-4 litters (determined by veterinarian recommendations). When one of my females is not expected to have more puppies, she is ready to be adopted by
a loving, new family.


Personal care is given to each puppy to assure its health and happiness. They live in my home in their own room called the “Puppy Nursery”. They are kept warm in winter, air-conditioned in the summer, and their environment is kept exceptionally clean.

For the first two weeks of their lives bulldog puppies have to be kept in a room where the temperature is maintained at 85 degrees. They cannot control their body temperature; nature hasn’t set in at that point. They can chill or over heat quickly so maintaining a constant temperature is critical. At approximately 3 weeks of age they build up in their anatomy where they can control their own temperature. But until then I constantly monitor the temperature in their whelping boxes for their well-being.

It’s necessary for “Mom” to feed her babies every 2-3 hours. However, I am with the mother every time she nurses to assure that she tends to her babies equally and feeds them all sufficiently.

Puppies are born with their eyelids shut and they cannot see for approximately 3 weeks. To assure they do not wander too far from their heating source or get in trouble, I am with them constantly.

My puppies are crate and paper trained. It’s a lot of work but when they go to their new home they will be familiar with time-out and sleeping in a crate and know where to do their business.

As you can tell, I get very little sleep. But that’s okay…they are worth it! My main concern is that these babies get off to a good start so they can grow into outstanding adult dogs.

Care of Bulldogs
In general, adult English bulldogs are easy to care for. They need regular feeding in the morning and at evening (some dogs require special food to prevent allergies), light exercise once a day, and daily facial cleaning to prevent fold dermatitis.


During my care a licensed veterinarian performs physical exams on all puppies. They are kept up-to-date on all vaccines. Each Buyer receives a signed health certificate from the veterinarian confirming the quality of the puppy’s health. As a new owner care of your bulldog will require regular vet visits to assure their continuing good health. Add to these things your love and devotion and you’ll get it back 10-fold!

Other Services
We offer stud service using one of my male dogs as a sperm donor.


We also offer boarding services for bulldogs that have been purchased from Bayside Bulldogs NH.


Laura Cote
“Isabelle is a wonderful puppy.  Didn’t take her long to settle in.  We just love her!  Thank You so much!"  ​


Kerry Burk
"Dudley is getting big and he is such a good boy! My friend is looking for a bulldog of his own because he adores Dudley. Let us know when your next litter is due."


Debbie and Ed
"Dozer is doing good in his new home. Our bed is too high off the ground for him. So Ed put a mattress on the living room floor and they both slept on it. When we take him outside we just want to stay with him all the time."



“I’m in a wheel chair most of the time and since I have gotten my little girl Nova, she made it so much easier to want to do things.  She comforts me and she is such a ball of fun.  There is nothing like owning a bulldog because they have such a unique personality, are very loving, caring, and they are an amazing breed. "



"Lady slept in her crate in the master bedroom and let me know in the morning when she needed to go out. She is so sweet !  We are so happy to have her join the family !"


Twila Kenna


“Tripp will be 6 months old this Thursday (this picture was taken in November).  He is now over 30 pounds and in Puppy Kindergarten.  He is completely adorable, cute as they come, very smart but also very bulldog!  We are extremely happy to have Tripp in our lives.”


Bonnie Mealey


“My heart is broken. Even though it's been a year since Winston has been gone, it has left a big whole in my heart.  We bought Winston from you in September, 2007.  At the time my husband was terminal ill and died that same year in December.  My husband, knowing he was dying, did not want me to be alone in the big house. That’s when he bought Winston from you so I would have this puppy to give me comfort and not feel alone. Winston was an amazing dog; he gave me comfort and lots of love!   He led a very healthy life.  That is why I only want one of your bulldogs!  I will see you in 2019 for another wonderful companion.”  

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